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October 7, 2010


It's been another wild week in the outdoors with the opening of both archery deer season and early duck season here in Virginia. I was privileged to have the opportunity to video one of our church's youth, Mr. David McCormick, on opening day this past Saturday, as he attempted to harvest his first deer with a bow. We did not manage to see a deer from our stand, but had a great time hunting a Hanover County farm with nine others from the Cool Spring Outdoor Ministry. Then this past Monday afternoon, I was invited to join my good friend Justin Bunch to hunt a farm in the Northern Neck (or was it Roanoke? - I get confused...). Anyway, it turned out to be one of those magical hunts.
I was quickly able to find recent deer activity as soon as I stepped out of the bean field into the hardwoods, found a suitable tree to climb downwind of a used trail, acorns, and droppings, and within 45 minutes arrowed a nice doe which stopped broadside in the exact spot where I had planned in my mind to have a shot. One of those days, let me tell you - by the end of the hunt Monday, Justin and I had seen a total of 19 deer! And if that were not enough to reminisce on for a while, this morning, Justin, our friend Logan, and I attempted to share pocket of water no bigger than 20 yards wide with more wood ducks than we could count, having to shoot most times out of sheer reaction to their erratic and unannounced twists and dives. Our hunt was pretty much over, and Justin and Logan had begun to retrieve the downed ducks when three woodies came diving in. This time, I was able to react in time to harvest a nice woodie drake, which I am contemplating getting mounted. I want to do this not because I don't have one on the wall, but as a reminder that God's providence is never late, but always right on time according to His plan. As I reflect on the week's events, I must pause one more time to say thank you to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth for the things that I have witnessed this week. Thank you Lord! Plans are to hit the woods again on Saturday and Monday, so I should be dropping back by with more tales from the outdoors early next week. - GE

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