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October 21, 2009

Trophy Talk Anyone?

As I sat in my tree stand this morning, watching the sun rise and the woods wake up, I began to recall parallels between the outdoors and the spiritual realm that the Lord has revealed to me over the past few years. I sensed the Lord telling me to share these insights with other outdoorsmen.

My vision is to initiate conversation and personal reflection among hunters and fishermen, so that even while we pursue our individual trophies, we stay focused on harvesting His trophy. I look forward to the dialogue that this blog generates, and may God be glorified in it all. - GE


Rob Maple said...

I think the lord blessed you in coming up with this idea. In addition, based off the picture, he blessed you with a nice catch.

Brent said...

Why didnt you just post the pic of that buck on my wall? Just sportin of course, glad to call you friend. Thank You for sharing


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